Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Us!

This past weekend, on August 23rd, Andy and I celebrated 5 wonderful years of marriage! We took a little trip to Galveston and had a great time relaxing and being together. It is great to look back on the last five years and see all we have been through and how far we have come as a couple. God has certainly blessed us abundantly and things get better every year. I can't wait to see what fun we are having in 50 years! Here's to many more adventures!

First a trip down memory lane......

Andy proposes with me looking my best.:)

August 23, 2003

Our honeymoon (who are those young hotties?!)

And now some pics from this year.......

Some might think it is strange that we took the "little miss" along with us but I guess that is just how we roll.:) While we would definitely welcome a little alone time, we love being together as our little family!

Andy & Mae going down the waterslide at Moody Gardens. Such fun! Seriously, I think I liked it more than Mabry!

A yummy dinner at Fisherman's Wharf

Why would you want to spend your anniversary alone when you could spend it like this?!
And like this. Mae decided to be quite the stinker during dinner but she shaped up once we let her have some of the crab queso. Yummy! (For the record, we did have plans to have dinner alone but Mabry got a case of Pink Eye so that messed things up a little. We had a great time anyway!)
Mommy and Mabry at the beach

Daddy and Mae. I can only speculate they were watching the jumping fish while searching for sharks. Way too far out for me, but this girl LOVES the water just like her old man.

One of the many reasons I love Andy.....
he gave me this little sweetheart!

Our little family
Thanks Andy for 5 amazing years. I love you babe!

Monday, August 11, 2008


Sorry it has taken me so long to get this post up. Better late than never, right? I know you have all been on the edge of your seats waiting to hear what we did Saturday evening (well, two Saturday evenings ago). That's right folks, we took Mabry to her first major league baseball game, or "but-ball" as she likes to call it.:) We had a GREAT time! Mabry loves baseball at the grand old age of 20 months. What can we say, we have raised her well! She loves to hop up on the couch with her Daddy in the evenings and watch some good All-American baseball and going to the game in person was no different. Mabry would sit and watch as the pitcher threw the ball to the batter waiting in anticipation to see if the batter would get a hit. And around the bases they would go. Well, you know how it works. It was such fun to watch Mabry enjoy the game and cheer the Astros on. About halfway through the game we went down to the vendors to get a snack and Mabry kept saying, "More, more" and pointing back to our seats. She couldn't wait to get back to the game! So funny. And, of course the Astros did not disappoint. They were down the entire game but came back and tied it up in the 9th inning to end up winning in the 10th. Exciting times! I have a feeling this will not be our last "but-ball" outing as a family!

Family Pic

Mae and her Daddy enjoying some baseball

Mabry put on her rally cap and the Astros came through:) Way to go 'Stros!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


We had such a fun time last weekend. It was filled with good ol' family time and lots of great entertainment. Not to mention a couple of "firsts" for Mabry. On Friday night we took Mabry to her first concert! We went to see Mercy Me because Brielle had some extra tickets and we had a GREAT time. We had lawn seats so Mabry really enjoyed getting to roam around, dance and play with the big kids. I was painting my toenails before the concert and Mabry wanted her's painted too. She was so proud of her pink "toes" and couldn't wait to show her Daddy when he got home from work.

All grown up with pink toenails!

Here Mabry is posing with her pink "toes" for her Daddy.

Mabry and cousin Bryce sitting together at the concert. She adores Bryce and had so much fun getting to be with her cousins!

This picture cracks me up! Mae looks to be about 15 years old in this pic and FULL of attitude! Are you kidding me? What happened to my baby girl?!

The concert wasn't over until after 11 PM so most of the other kids were pretty tuckered out by the time it ended. Mabry was still going strong!

Stay tuned for more exciting times from our weekend! I know you can't wait to hear what we did on Saturday. Let me just say it was good All-American fun!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Deer-Meat Sloppy Joes!

I am happy to report that Mabry is eating MUCH better these days! Three nights this past week she has actually eaten what we were having for dinner, and the meal even included meat......something we can NEVER get her to eat! The first two nights we had chicken spaghetti and I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw a piece of chicken go into her mouth and she didn't spit it back out! The third night was venison sloppy-joes. That's right, deer meat. I usually frown a little when Andy insists we eat venison with one of our meals instead of our usual beef or turkey, but I must say these venison sloppy joes did not disappoint! They were actually pretty tasty and our little eater could not get enough. Andy was very proud that his little girl loved the venison on her first try and was happy to be eatin' some of her Daddy's "killin". Thanks Andy for all your hard work to get that venison on the table. I know it was nothing less than misery having to kill that deer so your little family could eat.:)

Our little meat-eater!

Don't let these pics fool you....Mabry hardly EVER sits in her highchair these days. I gave up that fight long ago. She would much rather sit at the big table with us or in my lap for that matter. Her meals usually consist of switching off between sitting in one of the chairs at the table or wandering around the house coming by for scraps every now and then. Whatever gets her to eat!

A happy child makes a happy mother:) Thanks to all of you for your encouraging words regarding Mabry's eating habits. It was nice to know I wasn't alone in the matter and that we would get through it!

Every little girl needs a pic in her Daddy's boots. What fun!