Thursday, February 19, 2009

IT'S A........

GIRL! That's right, we are having another girl! We are completely thrilled that Mabry will have a little sister. I am so excited for Mabry to have someone to play with, fight with:) and hopefully be the best of friends with someday. My sisters mean the world to me and I am so thankful our daughters will get to experience the special relationship of sisterhood. It is such a blessing!

I think Andy is a little nervous about taking on 3 girls on a daily basis, but I know he will do great! And don't worry, we haven't given up on that boy yet. Lord willing, we hope for more babies to come!! As soon as we left the doctor's office after getting the sono Andy turned to me and said,"We are still going for 3, right?" Silly boy wanted to make sure he still had a shot at getting that son and hunting buddy. I guess we will just have to keep trying until we get one! I must say I do love God's sense of humor when dealing with Andy. If you know Andy, you know he often makes BOLD statements about the way things should be. For instance, on our first try for a kid he said he did NOT want a baby around the Christmas holidays. Mabry's birthday.....December 9th. I also remember something about not wanting this baby's b-day in the summer. Due date......June 20th. He also mentioned long ago that his worst fear would be having like 4 or 5 daughters! Well, my dear we are well on our way! You would think he would stop making such statements. Maybe someday he will learn! Personally, I believe God IS going to bless us with that son someday. However, he won't like to hunt or fish but would rather spend his time playing soccer. Andy's favorite sport.:) HA!

Thank you for sharing in our joy with us and thanks be to God who is the giver of life and this most precious gift! We pray for His hand to be on our sweet little girl as she grows and develops and for us to be the best parents possible. We are so blessed!

Monday, February 16, 2009


So, I guess it is about time for an update. What do you think?:) There is probably lots I could post about but I have been pretty terrible at taking pictures lately so I don't have much for you. We had a great, low-key Valentine's Day. Mabry was sick this weekend so we stayed at home for most of it, although we did get to see some of our great friends in College Station on Sunday. Andy cooked us our traditional Chicken Parmesan dinner for Valentine's Day and it was yummy as always. He also got us donuts or "Doe-Does" as Mabry calls them on Saturday morning. She has taken quite a liking to doe-does ever since Daddy took her to get them one Saturday morning a while back. It is kind of her and Daddy's special thing together which I think is super cute. She has only had them a few times now but certainly makes a point to let me know when we pass the Doe-Doe store (Shipley's) and she asks for them quite often. So, as you can imagine she was quite thrilled about her Valentine's Doe-Doe. Cake donut with pink/red icing and sprinkles of course! Andy and I also got to squeeze in a movie on Saturday night which was really nice. We finally got to see Fireproof and really enjoyed it. Highly recommended. So, I guess that is our news for now. We also found out the sex of our baby but I think I will post that in a later post just to keep you guessing!:) How cruel am i??:)

Mabry eating the 2nd half of her Doe-doe after lunch today. You didn't think I would allow her a whole donut in one day did you?;)

Our little butterfly-princess. She wanted to stand up on the counter to look in the mirror at herself and insisted she stay up there for her picture. Hence, the counter pic.

Stay tuned for baby news!