Monday, January 5, 2009


We had a wonderful Christmas this year and had a great time being with family. Mabry was so much fun this year as she finally got into the whole Santa thing and opening presents. We spent Christmas eve and Christmas morning with just our little family and had so much fun being together and watching how excited Mabry was. Here are some pics of Mabry's 3rd Christmas!

This picture cracks me up!! Andy got a new camera just before Christmas and little Mabry has been hounded by her Daddy taking pictures of her for practice. I think she forgot how to smile!!

We baked cookies on Christmas Eve and Mabry was such a big helper! These are the same cookies my mom made when we were growing up. This is what the Hoelzle family calls some good ol' dough cookies! They are heavenly to our family, but most other people don't really like them.

So proud of the finished product! She was so excited to leave cookies for Santa. The next morning she ran to see if he ate them all and then finished off the crumbs he left behind.:) She definitely got the Hoelzle genes when it comes to loving dough cookies!!
Our Christmas Eve family photo. A little far away, but that is a good thing. Maybe next year I will take the time to put on makeup. I doubt it.:)

Mabry with her loot on Christmas morning.
Mabry's favorite gift from Santa! She pushes this thing everywhere!

Rebekah, Me, and Catie

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and are enjoying 2009!