Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy LATE Valentine's Day!

Just an update to let you know what we have been up to lately. Mabry was sick all last week with a horrible cold (I don't know if it was the flu or not:), but is FINALLY better which we are so thankful about. Andy and I also felt pretty crummy for a couple of days but luckily didn't seem to get things as badly as poor Mae. Regardless, we had a GREAT Valentine's Day with our traditional Chicken Parmesan dinner and dessert and Daddy made his Valentines feel very special with sweet gifts. Andy got Mabry a teddy bear just her size which you can see from the pics that she absolutely LOVES! Thanks Andy for making our day so special!

Mabry gives the bear sweet kisses

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Final Christmas Post: Just Plain Mabry

Here are a few more pics of Mabry from Christmas at her Mimi and Pappy's house that I couldn't leave out! Thanks to Rebekah and Hilliard for taking all these great pics with their new, snazzy camera. Hope you enjoy!

Mabry reading a book with her Mimi and Pappy. She LOVES her Mimi and Pappy!

Mabry loves being outside at Mimi and Pappy's house......especially when Aunt Bekah takes her out and creates fun games for her!
Cousin Jacob helps Mabry complete her "project".

Mabry gives Santa a big kiss! We always had this Santa in our house when I was growing up.....that means it is 30+ years old! I love seeing my baby girl enjoying the same things I did as a child. Oh, the circle of precious.

All smiles with Aunt "B"

Mabry LOVES to play with balls.....especially soccer balls. That's my girl!

M loves this ball she got from Rebekah and Hilliard for Christmas. She kicks it all over the house. And yes, she can "palm" the soccer ball. She is an all-around sporty kind of girl!

Mommy and Mae love eachother!

Thanks for hanging with us through all the endless Christmas posts! You can all go take a nap now and recover! Hopefully we will have something exciting to post about soon BESIDES Christmas!