Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christmas 2009

We had a great Christmas around here and were so very blessed to have great family to share it with. Hope you are all enjoying 2010!

(These pics are in the wrong order but I am too lazy to move them.:)

Allie on Christmas Eve- 6 months. So sweet and kissable!

We went to have Christmas with the Hoelzle family on New Year's weekend and had a GREAT time as always. Here is how excited Allie was about opening her presents.....

Seriously, I was helping Mabry open presents surrounded by serious chaos and noise and looked down and realized this baby was fast asleep. I LOVE that she will do this because we all know this would have NEVER happened with miss Mabry!
And THIS is how excited Mabry was to be opening presesnts at Mimi and Pappy's house....

Sweet cousins. I love this pic! They are all such buddies and Mabry just loves playing with her cousins. And they ALWAYS play sweet.;)

The Hoelzle grandkids - all 10 of 'em

Mabry on Christmas morning at our house on her new ride from Santa.

Allie "opening" her presents from Santa. Mabry was a little concerned about the fact that she only had 3 presents. Allie didn't seem to mind.:)

Allie stoked it's Christmas Eve

My sweet girls on Christmas Eve

Christmas Morning with Mabry's loot from Santa

See ya next time!!