Tuesday, July 22, 2008


And......I'm back! July has proven to be a busy summer month for our family so I won't even attempt to post about everything we have been up to. We did, however, enjoy our annual camping trip with the Hoelzle family to Arkansas a couple of weekends ago and this is definitely post-worthy! We had a great time as always and were very surprised at how great Mabry did on her first real camping experience.....sleeping in a tent and everything! She had a blast playing with her cousins, Jacob and Caden, and of course her Mimi and Pappy and Aunts and Uncles, too. Her favorite part of the camping experience was no doubt being in the river, especially if she was with her Daddy. Mabry and Andy spent lots of time sitting in the river throwing rocks and she couldn't have been happier. It's so much fun to see our baby enjoy the great outdoors. Here's to many more great camping trips for our family!!

Little Missouri River (right by our campsite)

Me, Mae, Catie and Jacob

Mabry riding in her "boat" in the river

The boys had another "boat-building" competition this year. I believe the idea is to build a "boat" out of sticks, vines and things you find in the woods and then you all put your boat in the river and throw rocks at eachother's boats. The boat that survives the longest wins.

Andy's boat (his boat was apparently sponsored this year by the can he found in the woods).

The boys putting their boats in the water (you can see Hilliard's in the bottom right corner, since he has to take all the pics:) I believe Braden's boat was declared the winner this year. The three engineers in this contest might have been a little upset by this outcome. Better luck next year Andy, Hilliard, Scott and Jacob!

Sunday morning we woke up and it was raining outside so we played in the tent for a little bit. Mabry LOVED being in the tent.
Trip to the store for an ice cream treat!
Braden, Bethany and Caden cooking dinner. Yummy!Sweet Boy. I love the curls!
Jacob lost his first tooth on Saturday morning. What a great camping adventure!
These are pics of Andy and Mae throwing rocks and playing in the river. Thanks Hilliard for the great pics!

2008 Venables family pic
2008 group pic (turn around Mabry!)

5 minutes into our drive home. Camping wears a girl out!
God's beautiful creation....Until next time!