Wednesday, November 14, 2007

More fun adventures in Longview

Here are a few more pics I wanted to share with you of our adventures in Longview. It's always a treat to be back in good ol' Northeast Texas!

Mabry went to her first Lobo football game! She had a great time watching all the action with her Mom and Aunt Bekah!

Go Lobos! Mabry loved being outside and all the noises and action until about the second half. Then, she got a little bored and tired but we made her stick it out to the very end to watch another Lobo victory!

Mabrys favorite thing to do at Mimi and Pappy's house is to watch the dog out the back windows.

There he is!

She LOVES that stinkin' dog! Seriously, cracks me up.

Mabry had a great time playing with Mimi, Pappy, and Aunt Bekah....

and she even warmed up to Uncle Hilliard! So sweet.Mabry and Aunt Bekah loving (eating) on the baby doll. (Yes this doll is naked and about 20 years old.:) Yummy!

Hooray for Mimi and Pappy's house!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007


Mabry and I spent last week with my parents in Longview since Andy had to be out of town for a few days. For Halloween we took Mabry to Trunk or Treat at my parent's church. We had lots of fun and as you can see, Mabry was the cutest little black kitty-cat you have ever seen!

Check out those Smurfs!!

Look out! This kitty is ready to pounce!


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Things have been pretty busy since our last post. Sorry it is taking me so long to get these updates on the blog. I will try and catch you up........

A couple of weekends ago we went to College Station to see some of Addie's college friends. It was so great to see dear friends and get to catch up a little bit. Of course, I didn't get any pics with our camera of our lunch together.......sorry! But, luckily I was able to add this pic that Jessica sent. Thanks Jess! Linz, Jessica, Virginia, and Kate.......It was GREAT to get to see you all (and hubbies, too) if even for a short time. You are all so dear to me! Can't wait until I see you again!!

The gals at Wings N More

While we were in College Station, Andy also took Mabry and I out to Warren's land so we could check it out and take a look at the duck blind the boys have worked so hard on. I must say, I was quite impressed. Although, I wouldn't expect anything but the best from these boys when it comes to a duck blind. If you know them, you know this is serious business.:)

Do you think the ducks can see me??

Mabry in the blind with Dad. This is the closest Mabry is getting to hunting this year. Sorry Andy.:)

Mabry enjoyed riding on the Mule.

Nothing like riding on the open land with the wind blowing through your hair.:)