Monday, March 16, 2009


It's Rodeo time! We finally took Mabry to the rodeo on Saturday in the cold rain, but we still had lots of fun! Mabry has been asking and asking to go to the rodeo and see the animals. She was so was pretty cute. I'll just fill you in on our adventures with pictures as always. Sorry there are so many random pics of Mabry......I am a sucker for a little Tot in pigtails!

Mabry spent most of the day riding around on Daddy's shoulders. So cute!

Andy took Mabry into the petting zoo while I stood with the stroller. If you know me, you know I was not super disappointed to miss out on touching all the animals.;) I like animals and all.....just more from a distance.
Here is Mabry checking out the baby goats (and playing with the stuff on the ground which I wasn't too excited about). She seemed to like the animals as long as they were in a cage. Otherwise........

......she seemed to take after her mother.:) Run baby, run!

I mean how would you feel if you came face to face with this guy?! It was seriously eye level with Andy. Crazy business.

Done with the petting zoo and after lots of hand is Mabry loving seeing the chickens. She did ask to get in there with them so maybe she isn't ruined after all.;)

And this picture depicts how I was feeling....

HUGE! This cow was in the birthing center and ready to pop! Check out that bulge! They expected her to go into labor anytime. So, if you are wondering what I look like now at about 26 weeks you go.:)
Here is a sweet pic of Mabry at lunch. Anybody else think I should send this into Coca-cola and see if we can make some money??

These are a couple of cute pics Andy took while I was on one of my bathroom breaks.:)

And now on to Mabry's favorite part of the rodeo.....
Dippin' dots!!
And after she helped Daddy finish those off, she moved on to help conquer Mommy's ice cream!
Yes, also my favorite part of the rodeo.

And here we are headed to the car in the cold rain. While I was ready to high-tail it to the car, Andy made us stop in the COLD RAIN for a picture. Not a happy camper.

Hope you enjoyed! We are so excited the rain is gone and the sunshine is back! Here's to lots of fun times enjoying the outdoors this week!