Monday, March 31, 2008

Egg Huntin' here are the pics from the Easter Egg Hunt FINALLY! We went over to Jason and Brielle's on Easter Sunday afternoon for a great time of huntin' eggs and a yummy dinner. We weren't sure how Mabry would do with the huntin' but she ended up doing pretty good and getting the hang of it pretty quickly. I guess she is a natural "hunter girl" thanks to her daddy's teachings.:) Here are way too many pics from the huntin'.....I couldn't choose which pics of Mabry to post so I posted almost all of them!

Ready, Set, Hunt!

Now, what am I supposed to do with this egg?
There's another one!
Thanks for the help, Daddy:)

Filling up her basket
Mabry really enjoys collecting things, putting them in neat little piles and then transfering the pile around the yard. Hence, the egg pile.
Mommy and Mae swinging. I promise I really was having a great time despite the look on my face!

Madeline and Mabry discussing current events and the taste and texture of the balls.

Julia with her findings!

Mabry's goodies from the hunt

Sweet Madeline

Bryce smiling for the camera while doing some serious hunting!

Look what I found!

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Here are some pictures from Easter morning before church. We had a wonderful Easter and got to enjoy church and lunch with my parents, Catie, Rebekah and Hilliard. What a blessed day.

Mabry with her loot from the Easter Bunny
A soccer star in the making
M in her Easter dress just after pulling out her bow:)
Thanks Gage family for the great dress!
We tried getting some pics of her outside in her dress but the only ones of her looking at the camera turned out like this.....bright out maybe?!

Sweet girl

The rushed family pic before church. I don't like this pic of me.....but whatever!

Pics from the Egg Hunt to come!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Caden!

We celebrated Caden's 1st birthday at his house on Saturday and had lots of fun! It was a quick day trip but we really enjoyed getting to see everybody and watch Caden eat his yummy "dirt dessert". Caden is such a sweetheart and we are so thankful God has blessed our family with him. Here are some great pics taken by Hilliard......

What a sweetie! Don't those puppy-dog eyes just melt your heart?! I tell ya, this boy can do no wrong!
I love this pic of Mom, Catie-Lou and Dad

Mabry loves to sit on the ledge on our back porch, too.

Family pic

Mabry and Caden going for a ride in his new wagon!


We had a very busy weekend filled with lots of family and loads of fun! There is no better way to start a great weekend than with a trip to the Rodeo with the Gage family. This was Mabry's first time to the Rodeo and she LOVED it! She loved seeing all the cows, the animals at the petting zoo, watching the pig races, and had a great time being with her cousins.

Mabry ready to go to the Rodeo!

The Gages enjoying some yummy funnel cake! What's a rodeo without great fried food?!

Mabry loved the baby chicks

M wasn't too sure about touching the animals....but she had fun looking at them.

Cowgirl Julia and Cowboy Bryce

Feeding the animals with Daddy

Mabry lookin' good in Mommy's glasses.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Body Parts...

Mabry likes to show off sometimes after dinner.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy 80th Birthday Grandma!

Happy Birthday Grandma Muriel!

We had the joy and priviledge of celebrating my Grandmother's 80th birthday with lots of family this past weekend. I have been so blessed in my life with great family and Grandma Muriel is no exception! She has such a sweet spirit and not to mention a great middle name that she shares with me! Here are some of the pics from an exciting weekend with family......

Mabry and Caden give eachother sweet kisses. Mabry is slowly warming up to these cousins of hers.....she is always anxious to give kisses now and we even caught her feeding Caden cheerios at dinner on Saturday night. Wish I had a was hilarious!
Andy reading to Mabry and Caden and Mabry isn't freaking out because another kid is touching her! We are definitely making progress!

Mabry had a blast wrestling with Jacob at the birthday party..... more proof that Mabry is overcoming her issue with her "personal space". She also kept trying to tackle Jacob and give him kisses. Apparently she likes to hold boys down and kiss them already.....we might need to work on this one.:)

Ella-Bella is on the move!! She is walking now and it is so cute to watch her wabble her way around. Check out that grin!

Monday, March 10, 2008


Well, it has been about a month since our last post.....I know, shame shame. Anyway, our little girl has officially grown up since then. Mabry wore pigtails for the first time the other night to church! Those females out there know this is definitely a landmark in a little girl's life. I decided to try the pigtails out when she threw her only matching bow into the toilet.:) So, we had to improvise of course and try something else and pigtails it was. Granted, all I had to use were my own ponytail holders so they look a little silly, but at least we know we can do it now! These are some pics from AFTER church so they look a little raggedy and the pics aren't too great.....but you get the idea.

Thank you to those of you who actually keep checking our blog for updates......we will TRY and do a better job of posting! Happy Tuesday!