Saturday, June 20, 2009

Baby Venables is Here!

Allie Murlyne Venables was born this morning at 2:34 AM! She weighed 6.6 oz and was 19 inches long. After a quick labor and delivery, Mommy and baby are both home already and doing great.

Now Andy is going to attempt to post some pictures.

This is about 13 seconds after birth....i might get in trouble for posting this one.

Who is this little dark headed baby?

We will have to post some side by side pics of Mabry's baby pics. This child is a duplicate of Mabry, minus the dark hair of course.

Seriously, why is it so difficult posting pictures in this blogging business? I post a pic and it doesn't go where I want it, moves the text all around, and can not copy/paste text. I am just impatient and leave this kind of thing for Addie to do. I'm off my rant, enjoy the pics and I am going to go try and take a nap....right.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Where did May go??

So, here is our last month in a nutshell.....

We spent a wonderful Mother's Day weekend in the Hill Country.

We went to Pedernales Falls State Park for a few hours one day. Mabry LOVES being in the river and throwing rocks!

We have ripped our Master Bathroom apart and Andy is in the process of remodeling it. Did, I mention that our baby is due in less than 3 weeks??:) We are crazy, but figure if we don't get the bathroom done now it will be another year before anything productive gets done once the baby arrives. Let's just hope our baby doesn't decide to make an early appearance!
We spent a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend in Longview with lots of the Hoelzle clan. We had a great time being together and Mabry LOVED playing with her cousins.
Here are some pics from our Memorial Day Weekend

Mabry and Caden taking a walk together.:)

Mabry's first fishing experience.
Definitely Daddy's little outdoor gal.

The cousins singing songs and learning sign language from Uncle Braden. Later they went back into the entryway and just sat in their chairs laughing and screaming as loud as they could. So much fun!

Mabry and her Great-Grandmother Hoelzle. Priceless.

In other news.....

Here are a couple of belly pics around 35 weeks I think.....

This was a couple of weeks ago so I have probably had sufficient growth since then but we haven't done a good job of taking belly pics this time around. Hopefully, I'll get some new ones soon.;)

I saw the baby on ultrasound today because my midwives wanted to make sure she was head-down. So precious! I have never had an ultrasound this far along and it was like taking a sneak peak at our little angel. Wait, it wasn't "like" that, it WAS that! Anyway, her eyes were open looking right at me and she was smacking her sweet lips. So priceless. Getting excited about meeting our sweet baby girl!! Now, if only we could pick a name!

Mabry is starting to get excited about baby sister coming. She keeps saying that baby sister is going to come soon and go to the park with her.:) I love it when she puts her hand on my belly and talks to her little sis. So sweet. Mabry is getting to be so grown up and it makes me a little sad that she won't be our "baby" anymore but I am so excited for her to experience the joy in life that comes from having a sibling.

A couple of shots of Mabry that Andy took recently.....

The last interesting fact I have for now is that Mabry just fell asleep for her nap by herself for the first time ever! Wow! She must know she is about to get "de-throned" as Andy would say so she has to learn to be a big girl. Now I think I'll go snuggle with her while I still can.........